Alat Laboratorium Fisika

1. Young’s Modules Determination Device


Main Technical Indicators :
With laser aiming mechanism and illuminated sight, φ 50 mm heavy caliber optical level
Telescope Magnification limited : 30x
Caliber : 42 mm
Visual Field Angle : 1° 26′
Stadia : 200 cm
The device include measuremnet bay and lenght-measured telescope
SW-C1001-01 :
Measuring Support : 1,8 m
Weight : 8 x 1 kg

2. Measurement of Dynamic Young’s Modulus

Measurement_of_Dynamic_Young's_ModulusSample Dia : ø : 5 – 10 nm
Sample Length : 140 – 20 nm
Signal Generator : 5 – 500KHz, 6W, 5 Digital Display
Imported Energy Coverter : 2Pcs
Dual Trace Oscilloscope : 20 Mhz

3. Dynamic Young’s Modulus Tester

Experiments :Dynamic_Young's_Modulus_Tester
Measuring young’s of metal materials under room temperature by hang string coupler resonance method.


4. Measuring Instrument for Young’s Modulus of Elasticity with Hall Position Sensor

Young's_Modulus_of_Elasticity_with_Hall_Position_SensorSensitivity of Hall position sensor : 250 mV/mm
Measurement accuracy of reading microscope : 0,001 mm
Deviation percentage between the measuring value and the commonly-recognized value is less than 3%

5. Young’s Modulus of Elasticity with CCD Using Stretching Method


The Feature of the instrument is small volume, convenience of changing sample, and easy reading microscope with CCD imaging system.

Steel wire : φ 0,2 mm ; φ 0,4 mm ; Brass wire : ɸ 0,4 mm
Weight : 50,0 g x 20 pcs balance weight : 200,0 g
CCD Monitor : 420 Line, Black & White CCD, Black & White 14 Inch monitor.


6. Experimental Instrument of Joly Balance

Experimental_Instrument_of_Joly_BalanceThe Instrument can be used to verify Hooks law, measure the period of simple harmonic oscillation and elastic coefficient of spring, character and utilization of integrated Hall switch and measure the tiny tension with Joly Balance.
Range of Joly Balance : 0 – 551 mm
Reading precision : 0,02 mm
Precision of millisecond meter : 0,001 s


7. Measuring Instrument for Momen Inertia

Measuring_Instrument_for_Momen_InertiaThe instrument uses three-line pendulum to measure moment of inertia of objects and verify parallel-axis theorem. It uses laser photo-electric sensor to measure vibrant period accurately.
Length of pendulum line : 500mm
Time precision : 0.001s.


8. Type of Inertia Tester

Type_of_Inertia_TesterTechnical Parameters and Performances :
Stop watch timing range : 099,99 s
Resolution : 0,01 s
The single chip microcomputer has counting range of 1 to 99 times and during experiment it digitally show the times to effectively avoid miscounting.


9. Single Pendulum

Single_PendulumThe Instruments uses integrated Hall switch sensor to measure oscillation period of single pendulum accurately, gravity acceleration more accurately. It can be used to study the influence of non linear effect when single pendulum undergoes big angle oscillation.
HTM electrical time automatically precision of 0,001 s
Mirror & scale method used to measure length of SP.


10. Rotational Inertia Tester

Rotational_Inertia_TesterDeterminate the rotational inertia of steel disk and prove the rotation law.